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 Helping veterans and their families

How You Can Help Us





We rely on fundraising and donations alone, so any amount, big or small will be gratefully received. You can send us donations in any number of ways;


  • Directly into our bank account, just pop along to a branch of Barclays and drop your donation into account number 90516929 sort code 20-84-41


  • If you can’t manage to get to a bank, then you can send us a cheque made payable to HTW Support, if you also send us your name and address we will make sure you get a personalised thank you!


  • Foreign coin donations!  If you have any loose change or notes that you have left over after your holidays (from this year or long, long ago) then we can arrange to collect them from you.  Our last batch of foreign coins brought in a pretty impressive £98.93!


  • Online donations, for those of you who are techno savvy!  All you have to do is follow this link and the instructions on the page.  You can even set up a monthly donation.  Easy peasy! Click


  • Please don’t send cash to us in the post.  We would hate to think that your money went missing when you had been so generous.  If you have a cash donation and cannot find a way to get it to us, then we will happily collect it.  Distance depending of course!  (Although our team wouldn’t mind a road trip now and again)





Although a difficult subject to sometimes talk about, almost everyone has, or will have, a Last Will and Testament.  We realise that life can sometimes make it impossible to donate to your favourite charity, so leaving a gift to HTW Support in your Will is a lasting legacy that you will forever be remembered for.  We will also present your family with a certificate if they wish to have a memento of your generosity.



Hold Your Own Event


Not only will holding your own event generate a donation you can present to HTW Support, you can have a lot of fun whilst doing it!  From coffee mornings and bake sales to sporting events, raising money can be social, active, and tasty, with the added bonus of giving you the feeling of doing something amazing!  Our team will also be on hand to help in any way you need us.



Sponsored Challenge


Everyone has their own challenges to conquer in life.  For our veterans, that could simply be getting through everyday life.  You can help them by raising money for HTW Support by completing your own sponsored challenge.  For some, this could be staying quiet in a sponsored silence, for others, scaling mountains or cycling great distances!  Whatever your challenge, the HTW Support team will be on hand to help by providing you with sponsor forms, sharing your challenge on social media and providing you with merchandise to sell to boost your fundraising.  Plus, at the end of it all you will get to have beaten that challenge with a lovely certificate to show off!



Charity Collection Boxes


Our charity collection boxes are currently in stores, pubs, clubs and markets across South and West Wales!  You can either pop a donation in one if you see one, contact us to have one in your shop/ pub/ inn/ travelling salesman suitcase, or even have one at home to put spare change in.  Once it’s full, our fundraising co-ordinator will come and collect it, giving you a lovely empty one in its place!


Contact Information

Phone:  07714622328



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